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Eagle 4-Shelf Wire Starter Unit
LEAD TIME: 8-10 Days
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- Four shelves

- Four Posts (same finish as shelves)

- Ships Knocked-Down

- Choose from 63"H or 74"H units

- Choose from Chrome, Stainless Steel/ Electropolished , or EagleBrite Zinc finish

Specs/ Options/ Resources:
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starter units finishDescriptionPriceQty
18"D x 24"L x 63"H
18"D x 24"L x 74"H
18"D x 30"L x 63"H
18"D x 30"L x 74"H
18"D x 36"L x 63"H
18"D x 36"L x 74"H
18"D x 42"L x 63"H
18"D x 42"L x 74"H
18"D x 48"L x 63"H
18"D x 48"L x 74"H
18"D x 60"L x 63"H
18"D x 60"L x 74"H
18"D x 72"L x 63"H
18"D x 72"L x 74"H
21"D x 24"L x 63"H
21"D x 24"L x 74"H
21"D x 30"L x 63"H
21"D x 30"L x 74"H
21"D x 36"L x 63"H
21"D x 36"L x 74"H
21"D x 42"L x 63"H
21"D x 42"L x 74"H
21"D x 48"L x 63"H
21"D x 48"L x 74"H
21"D x 60"L x 63"H
21"D x 60"L x 74"H
21"D x 72"L x 63"H
21"D x 72"L x 74"H
24"D x 24"L x 63"H
24"D x 24"L x 74"H
24"D x 30"L x 63"H
24"D x 30"L x 74"H
24"D x 36"L x 63"H
24"D x 36"L x 74"H
24"D x 42"L x 63"H
24"D x 42"L x 74"H
24"D x 48"L x 63"H
24"D x 48"L x 74"H
24"D x 60"L x 63"H
24"D x 60"L x 74"H
24"D x 72"L x 63"H
24"D x 72"L x 74"H
Department : Wire Shelving    
Category : /storefront/listproducts.aspx?idcategory=956'>Wire Starter UnitsWire Starter Units    
Supplier/Brand : Eagle Group    
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This product was last updated on 08/08/2012.
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