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When working with delicate solid state electronics components such as integrated circuits, harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) needs to be managed carefully.  Bench-Tek’s ESD workbenches and ESD products are designed with premium static control to dissipate electrostatic charge to the ground. Bench-Tek workbenches and other ESD equipment conform to the highest standards for electrical product manufacturing and assembly to protect your valuable products and equipment.

·         We are committed to productivity, safety, and durability with proven ESD protection, providing an ideal solution for your sensitive work environment by reducing ESD events and shielding valuable parts and assemblies. 

·         Flexible designs allow for continuous workflows, in addition to easy reconfiguration of bins and racks. Customize your ESD workspace including workbenches and seating.

·         Ergonomic workstations are modular and adjustable, and feature flexible quick snap workbenches for easy reconfiguration, expansion and adaptability.

·         All of our products are designed to maximize throughout, user satisfaction, safety, longevity, and ease of assembly and maintenance.

·         Crafted of only high quality steel designed to your specifications, our Bench-Tek manufactured products are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.


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