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Health care and medical facilities have a range of needs from stainless steel and ultraclean surfaces to a wide variety of storage options. Bench-Tek delivers to the highest standards of health and medical laboratories in Silicon Valley and nationwide. Bench-Tek understands that you need consistent configurations, yet also have the ability to quickly expand, adjust and reconfigure for changing conditions. Customized to your requirements, you can ensure that your staff is equipped to perform as efficiently as possible.

·         Bench-Tek offers top quality fixtures, workbenches, and above-surface storage for medical labs, healthcare, and medical manufacturing.

·         Stainless steel tops and racks are easy to clean and sanitize with a quick wipe down. Corrosion and stain resistance increases durability and extends the product lifetime.

·         Ergonomic workstations are modular and adjustable, and feature flexible quick snap workbenches for easy reconfiguration, expansion and adaptability. 

·         Our modular lab benches are fully adjustable and configurable, customized to the requirements of your facility.  

·         All of our products are designed for user satisfaction, safety, longevity, and easy maintenance. Crafted of only high quality chrome and stainless steel, our Bench-Tek manufactured products are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

·         In addition to custom, new, and used workbenches, Bench-Tek supplies a variety of seating as well as equipment such as microscope systems and magnifiers.


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