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Clean Rooms

Bench-Tek delivers to the rigorous clean room standards of Silicon Valley’s elite. Our designers can meet any specification and clean room level using exceptional materials and processing. Customizing the work area to your needs is what we do every day.

Bench-Tek’s clean room tables and workbenches offer stability and durability, with the flexibility, expansion and ergonomic features you need, while meeting even the most stringent cleanroom standards. 

·         Workbench tops are fully customizable with various surface types such as: epoxy, phenolic, laminate, electro-polished stainless steel, perforated, in a range of colors. Work surfaces can be adjustable and feature vibration isolation. 

·         Cleanroom benches and chairs work with your HEPA system to maximize laminar air flow and eliminate particle build up.

·         Ergonomic workstations are modular and adjustable, and feature flexible quick snap workbenches for easy reconfiguration, expansion and adaptability. 

·         All of our products are designed to maximize throughout, user satisfaction, safety, longevity, and ease of assembly and maintenance.

·         Crafted of only high quality steel, our Bench-Tek manufactured products are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty and can be designed to your specifications.

·         Bench-Tek is the one-stop-shop for all of your cleanroom needs, from gowning products to precision tools including cutters, tweezers, and more, to complement your clean room work benches.


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