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Eagle Quad-Adjust Wire Shelving
SKU : EAG-35
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  • Patented Quad-Truss® shelves (patent #5,390,803) for increased strength and durability.
  • Shelves feature special interlocking corners that fit in slots of collars mounted to split sleeves, allowing addition or removal of a shelf without the need to disassemble the entire shelf unit. Patent #7,992,731.
  • Tapered split sleeves create a positive lock that becomes stronger as the load increases.
  • Posts are numbered in increments of 1˝ (25mm) to ensure fast and level assembly.
  • Leveling feet are provided to help com pen sate for uneven floor surfaces.
  • Shelf utilizes a pincer-type design with the mat wire and wiched between the two top truss wires, adding significant strength and distributing the entire load without stress and strain on the welds.


Weight capacities:

  • Shelves up to 48˝ (1219mm) in length can support an evenly distributed static load of 800 lbs. (362.9 kg).
  • Shelves of 60˝ and 72˝ (1524 and 1829mm) length
  • can support an evenly distributed static load of 600 lbs. (272.2 kg).
  • IMPORTANT: Stationary units should not exceed 2400 lbs. (1088.6 kg) per set of four posts.
  • IMPORTANT: Maximum load for mobile units is to be one the following, whichever is less:
  • 3 times the weight rating for one caster, or
  • 1000 lbs. (453.6 kg) per set of four posts.
  • For maximum rigidity on mobile applications, shelves with welded collars recommended for top and bottom of unit.


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wire shelves finishDescriptionPriceQty
14"W x 24"L
14"W x 30"L
14"W x 36"L
14"W x 42"L
14"W x 48"L
14"W x 54"L
14"W x 60"L
14"W x 72"L
18"W x 24"L
18"W x 30"L
18"W x 36"L
18"W x 42"L
18"W x 48"L
18"W x 54"L
18"W x 60"L
18"W x 72"L
21"W x 24"L
21"W x 30"L
21"W x 36"L
21"W x 42"L
21"W x 48"L
21"W x 54"L
21"W x 60"L
21"W x 72"L
24"W x 24"L
24"W x 30"L
24"W x 36"L
24"W x 42"L
24"W x 48"L
24"W x 54"L
24"W x 60"L
24"W x 72"L
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This product was last updated on 01/11/2013.
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