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Brand :   O.C. White
OC White 80000 Ball Bearing Base Assembly
OC White EZ-WF10 10x Eyepieces
OC White EZ-WF15 15x Eyepieces
OC White EZ-WF20 20x Eyepieces
OC White EZ-CCD-35 .35x CCD Adapter
OC White EZ-Splitter Single Trinocular Beam
OC White EZ-FH Fixed Ergo-Zoom Head
OC White EZ-Ergo-Zoom Head
OC White EZ-CCD-05 .5x CCD Adapter
OC White EZ-850 .8-5x Zoom Body
OC White EZ-864 .8-6.4x Zoom Body
OC White EZ-880 .8-8x Zoom Body
OC White FA20 Microscope Focusing Arm
OC White EZ-OB-200 2x Plan Objective Lens
OC White EZ-OB-100 1x Plan Objective Lens
OC White EZ-OB-050 .5x Plan APO Objective Lens
OC White EZ-OB-050A .5x Achromatic Objective Lens
OC White 32400 5" Florescent Magnifier
OC White 7" X 5.25" Rectangular UV/LED Green-Lite Magnifier
OC White 82400-4 7" X 5.25" Rectangular LED Green-Lite Magnifier
OC White 62400-4 7.5" Round LED Big Eye Green-Lite Magnifier
OC White 42400-4 6" Round Green-Lite Magnifier
OC White 72400 ESD Safe Dimmable Florescent Magnifier
OC White ESD Safe Ergo-Zoom Microscope Package
OC White Fixed Ergo-Zoom ESD Safe Microscope Package
OC White 2 Mega-Pixel Ergo-Zoom ESD Safe Microscope Package
OC White 18202 Articulating Arm Base
OC White FL1000 Florescent Ring Light
OC White LV2000 High Output LED Ring Light
OC White Fiber Optic Annular Ring Light
OC White FL3000-D Fiber Optic Dual Goose Neck Illuminator
OC White Prozoom 6.5 Binocular ESD Safe Package
OC White Prozoom 6.5 HD 1080p ESD Safe Package
OC White Prozoom 6.5 2MP Digital Trinocular ESD Safe Package
OC White Macrozoom HD 1080p Inspection ESD Safe Package
OC White FLL-212DB-G Machine Illumination
OC White FLL-142DB-G Machine Illumination
OC White FLL-082DB-G Machine Illumination
OC White Macrozoom 2 Megapixel Digital Inspection ESD Safe Package
OC White Ultraflex Machine Lighting
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